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Air cleaners are needed in (almost) all industries – this is why

Many companies have harmful indoor air that can significantly impact both human health, product quality and the efficiency of various processes and, ultimately, the overall performance of the company. The awareness of these challenges are often limited and a common misconception is that the building’s ventilation system alone is sufficient to ensure clean indoor air.

Dust in warehouses and logistics halls

Usually, different industries face different challenges. In warehousing and logistics, the main sources of air pollution are forklifts, boxes and pallets. Dust is generated when cardboard boxes and pallets rub against the floor, and particles are created when truck tires wear against the floor. This not only creates a visible problem with dirt on products and packages, it also contributes to a poor working environment.

Polluted air in manufacturing and automation

In the manufacturing industry, particles and gases from production can affect both the working environment and the performance of machinery. Contaminated air can lead to clogged sensors, disruption of machine functions and shortened service intervals. Particles that penetrate into the products represent a particular risk factor for both product quality and customer satisfaction.

Contamination in the food industry

In the food industry, there is a risk that airborne particles such as mold and bacteria spread and cause contamination of finished products, something that is particularly bad for the products’ quality, durability and lifespan, but also has a negative impact on the work environment. Furthermore, seemingly harmless ingredients can give rise to work environment problems and cross-contamination between production lines.

Health risks in schools and offices

Viruses and bacteria tend to spread quickly in offices and schools, potentially leading to increased absenteeism due to illness, impaired cognitive ability and reduced productivity among employees, customers and students. The spread of viruses and bacteria can also lead to increased costs for the employer. In addition, it is important to emphasize children’s right to a healthy school environment, which benefits their well-being, learning capacity and overall development.

The importance of good air quality in hospital environments

Hospitals are not exempt from the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria – rather the opposite. Furthermore, hospitals also house a lot of people with compromised immune systems. Air pollution is not only a problem for patients, but also risks affecting staff and employers. In addition, research has confirmed a correlation between air pollution and antibiotic resistance.

How QleanAir’s air cleaning solutions work

QleanAir develops flexible stand-alone air cleaners for professional and industrial environments.  With different filter configurations, each solution is adapted to unique needs, depending on the customer’s challenge and environment. Through multi-stage mechanical filtration, particle and gas filters, and automatic flow control, we can ensure effective reduction of particles and gases, resulting in cleaner indoor air over time.

Our air cleaning solutions are mobile and flexible and can be adapted for different purposes. In addition to customizing filter sets, our air cleaners can complement or create cleanrooms or spaces for extra sensitive processes, or pressurize rooms to protect against harmful processes.

By investing in our air cleaning solutions, your company can ensure a healthy working environment cleaner products, more efficient processes and operations over time.

One step closer to clean air

We offer clean air as a service, with smooth installation, regular service and maintenance. In addition, our unique Lifetime Performance Guarantee ensures that our air cleaners work as they should over time.

We deliver the freedom that comes with clean air – so that you can focus on your business.

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We are happy to support you on the journey toward a healthy, safe, and productive work environment. Welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

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