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Why choose us – the QleanAir difference

The freedom of clean air

We deliver clean air hassle-free as a service. We tailor the air cleaning solution after analyzing your specific needs. We take care of installation, service and and all necessary updates to ensure performance and function over time. That way we can guarantee consistent air quality over time.

Hassle-free clean air delivered as a service

We help you analyze your needs, identify the sources of pollution, and assess your indoor air quality. Every solution is individually tailored for your specific needs. Installation and activation on site are included in our offering, as well as measurements of efficiency before and after installation and training of staff. Our solutions are delivered as a service, with preventive maintenance and upgrades, filter changes, function testing and continuous measurements of the air quality by certified technicians.

Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Our solutions come with our unique Lifetime Performance Guarantee, which means that we maintain the product to ensure function and performance over time. This way we can ensure that your air quality remains the same as it was at the time of installation. Regular maintenance, performance checks, and inspection of filter capacity are included in our service.

Future-proof solution

Our products are modular, flexible, and possible to relocate. As your needs change, we help you adapt your solution, so that it can grow and evolve when you do. We maintain and upgrade your solution continuously. We surveil all regulatory changes to ensure that your
solution is always compliant.


Our products are engineered to be eco-friendly. We minimize their environmental impact by makeing sure they can be used for a long time. We rent out the machines and reuse, refurbish and recycle units and parts when possible. We use an ozone-free air cleaning technique. Production and assembly are done on every continent, close to each market to minimize transportation.