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Better working environment for the people at Johan & Nyström’s coffee roastery

Johan & Nyström’s coffee roastery and tea shop located in Länna outside Stockholm roasts exclusive specialty coffee. The raw coffee and the sacs they are delivered in emits a lot of dust, which is why the air quality has been a problem. Since they purchased air cleaners from QleanAir, the working environment has improved significantly.

“Better coffee for the people” is the motto of Johan & Nyström’s coffee roastery based in Länna, south of Stockholm. They roast all their coffee gently and slowly so that the flavors have time to develop properly. All coffee is uniquely roasted to highlight its flavors as well as possible. Johan & Nyström work with specialty coffee, which is a quality designation, where the coffee must exceed 80 points on a 100-point scale. The company operates four coffee bars in its own name in Stockholm and Helsinki and its products are supplied to hotels, restaurants, shops and cafés.

“We notice a big difference with the air cleaners – the air is easier to breathe”

Transport and emptying generates lot of dust

Both the raw coffee and the jute sacks in which the raw material is delivered release a lot of dust particles. Production takes place in a closed system where the dust is handled. But during transport and emptying, the dust leads to a difficult working environment for employees. The dirt settles in machines and materials and affects how they behave. In addition, a lot of cleaning of both premises and equipment is required.

When QleanAir contacted Johan & Nyström, production manager Joakim Rosengren Ahlund had already started looking for a solution. First, they installed two QleanAir FS 70 air cleaners in the room where raw material is received, which is where the problems are the greatest. In stage two, two machines were also installed in the production area.

Better working environment and less cleaning

“We notice a big difference in the premises where we have air cleaners,” says Joakim Rosengren Ahlund. The air is easier to breathe. The premises are cleaner and the equipment feels better. We do not need to clean as much and above all, the working environment is more pleasant.”

All four machines have pre-filters that are replaced by the customer, and lots of dust is captured here. QleanAir handles all service.

“We have had the machines for two years and we are very satisfied with both performance and service. The units are easy to move when we need to target another area. It is basically plug-and-play and we have never experienced any trouble or defects. It is a very simple and flexible solution for us. We do not need to think about anything”, Joakim Rosengren Ahlund concludes.

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