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QleanAir FS 30 HEPA

Highly efficient yet quiet in a small footprint

Powerful, quiet and flexible with a small footprint, FS 30 HEPA is ideal for offices, schools, hotels, healthcare, care facilities and other shared spaces in need of healthy and safe air. It captures at least 99.995% of the most elusive particles like viruses and bacteria with certified HEPA 14 filter. Developed in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital.

Key components of the FS 30 HEPA air cleaning solution

  • Multi-stage mechanical filtration and preventive service ensure function and efficient air cleaning over time
  • HEPA 14 and ePM1 60% (F7) filters, classified according to EN 1822 and ISO 16890 standards
  • Third-party verified system filtering efficiency of 99.995% or more, according to ISO 14644 standards
  • Quiet operation, <19-45 dB(A)
  • Airflow of up to 800 m3/h, suitable for rooms up to 100 m2
  • Operates independently of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee


FS 30 HEPA will provide you with safer and cleaner indoor air. Cleaner air means healthier and more productive people with less absence. A safe environment is attractive to your employees and customers. FS 30 HEPA is quiet and efficient with a small footprint. The unit works independently of the ventilation system, uses the standard power socket, and can be easily relocated. We deliver clean air as a service with hassle-free installation, maintenance, upgrades and filter changes. With our unique Lifetime Performance Guarantee, we can guarantee your air quality over time.

The technology behind the solution

  • 1. Air inlet

    FS 30 HEPA’s air inlets are located on three sides on the front for unobstructed and optimal intake. The inlets are protected by a front cover to minimize the sound level of the unit.

  • 2. Filtration of particles

    With the help of a multi-stage mechanical filtration system with ePM1 60% (F7) and HEPA 14 filters, even the smallest particles and airborne pollutants are captured and removed from the air.

  • 3. Cleaned air is returned to the environment

    After the air has been cleaned from harmful particles, it is returned back into the room. The air outlet, located on the top of the unit, can be adjusted according to desired direction of output.

Compliant with the new VDI expert recommendation

QleanAir FS 30 HEPA, equipped with a newly developed VDI-kit, is compliant with the new expert recommendation VDI-EE 4300-14 for air cleaners. Reducing aerosol levels in the room by 90% in 30 minutes, quiet operation and without disturbing turbulence in a design that resists unauthorized changes of settings.

Model QleanAir FS 30 HEPA
Dimensions (w x h x d) 545 × 1225 × 455 mm
Material Aluminum/powder coated sheet metal
Weight 58 kg
Installation Mobile
Performance levels 7 modes
Electronic display Yes
Remote control Yes

Airflow Up to 800 m³/h
Pre-filter ePM1 60% (F7)
Main filter HEPA 14
Gas filter None

Sound level <19-45 dB(A)
Power supply 220-240V, ~50-60 Hz, 1.4A
Power consumption 9-185W

Certifications and compliance
Performance guarantee icon

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