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QleanAir virus

QleanAir Scandinavia is a partner of the recently-launched Virus and Pandemic Foundation

The Virus and Pandemic Foundation was established on January 23 by 250 Swedish virus researchers, and QleanAir Scandinavia has been a partner from the start. The Pandemic Foundation wants to strengthen research and disseminate knowledge with the aim of combating virus-caused infections and pandemics in the future.

In close collaboration with the healthcare sector, QleanAir has worked preventively to reduce the amount of virus particles in the air by developing new air cleaning solutions. First working with the infection control unit at Danderyd, with a view to minimizing airborne infection in isolation wards. And most recently during the coronavirus pandemic to protect the staff in the intensive care units at Karolinska University Hospital.

QleanAir has chosen to collaborate with the Pandemic Foundation to deepen its knowledge about viruses and to be able to develop even more efficient air cleaning solutions in future. QleanAir also wants to provide virus researchers with relevant expert knowledge on how to clean air to reduce infection.

”The coronavirus pandemic has created a focus on the fact that our society is not well-prepared for this type of pandemic. We want to contribute to the research so that we are better equipped for the future”

– Henrik Fernsund, CMO at QleanAir Scandinavia

Niklas Arnberg, chairman of the Swedish Society for Virology

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, but common colds are also a major burden on society. Common colds are estimated to cost Swedish society SEK 26.5 billion every year. Parents staying at home to care for sick children cost the Swedish Social Insurance Agency SEK 7 billion a year. A large proportion of these sicknesses is likely to be caused by viruses.

”The aim of the Virus and Pandemic Foundation is to strengthen Swedish research and,
in the long run, contribute to the development of more antiviral drugs and vaccines. But
the aim is also to increase the understanding of the social impact of viral infections and examine, for example, parameters such as air quality, a rather unexplored area”

– Niklas Arnberg, chairman of the Swedish Society for Virology and professor of virology at Umeå University
The Virus and Pandemic Foundation aims to strengthen Swedish virus research and counter virus-caused pandemics in the future. Behind the initiative is independent non-profit association the Swedish Society for Virology, which was established in 2009 and brings together more than 250 Swedish virus researchers to share knowledge in the field.

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