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Hazardous drugs


The pharmaceutical industry and healthcare organizations often must deal with hazardous drugs. If not stored and handled in a controlled environment, these drugs risk becoming cross-contaminated or contaminating the air. This can threaten the quality and durability of the drug and endanger the health of the patients. It also poses a serious health issue for the staff. Therefore, these types of operations are required to comply with strict regulations.


For the production and compounding of hazardous drugs, we would recommend our cleanroom solution, QleanSpace. With QleanSpace, you can make your existing pharmaceutical facility compliant with the strictest regulations. Thanks to its modular design and the fact that it works independently of the environment, it can be placed almost anywhere, and even be relocated, modified, or expanded when the needs of your facility change. Using our QleanSpace solution will help keep patients and staff safe, while also protecting the environment and the products and drugs being produced. QleanSpace is tailored for your specific needs of ISO/USP/GMP or FDA cGMP classification, room size, options or other requirements.

Our freestanding FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 HEPA air cleaners can create near-cleanroom environment when it is not possible to build a cleanroom. They are also useful to clean the air outside of the cleanroom to further improve its performance.